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Everyone experiences pain and difficulty at some time in their lives. Everyone experiences conflict, whether with other people, or silently, inside their own private moments.

What is the element that causes some people to rise in the midst of adversity, becoming stronger and more available? What element, by its absence, leaves us with the urge to withdraw, to shrink, to becoming passive and afraid -- or worse, to cover our fears with anger and wound those around us?

Emotional Quotient is a vital element in living a succesful life. It is the basis of "good people skills." It is what gives us the ability to resolve conflicts well. It is what makes a marriage successful, and it is the crucial component for children to experience a happy childhood. Not only that, but research has confirmed the fact that persons who grow up in a family environment filled with healthy EQ, are not only happier, but they are more intelligent, and experience greater success in life as adults. Without EQ, without exception, we
experience a profound sense of loss even when relating as adults
in families.

Studies consistently show the following:

-- 80+% of persons within the culture, do not receive the EQ training needed in childhood years.
-- All conflicts, divorces, and relational difficulties in life consistently stem from
the lack of EQ in one or more persons involved.
-- When referred to a counselor, only 1 in 4 will actually make the call and keep the appointment. (That's 25%).
-- Of that 25%, approximately half of those who make the call, will seek change and pursue emotional health and growth. (That's the 13%).

Just a thought: If your car showed signs of not running well, how long would you drive it, before you took it to a mechanic? Consider the relationships in your life at the moment. Think of the areas where you might be experiencing conflict, as a "trouble light" on a dashboard, saying "check engine." How long will you let it continue? What do you think might happen?

How do we respond when we sense
what's missing?
That element is EQ -- otherwise known as "The Emotional Quotient."
"If, when faced with a problem, we do the same thing we have always done, the same way we have always done it, and just "try harder," thinking we will get a different result, we are on the brink on insanity."
-- John Maxwell

Rev. Debbye Graafsma, mcc, bcpc
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